Green Mountain Power announces new LMI community solar subscription software pilot

LO3 Energy, developer of Pando software that enables suppliers and clean energy operators to engage customers and offer new compensation models to optimize renewable energy assets, is providing the software to Green Mountain Power for a new “Sun Match” pilot for customers. LO3’s Pando platform will support GMP’s pilot to offer the benefits of solar power to low- and moderate-income customers without having to build their own systems.

“We’re thrilled to further our partnership with Green Mountain Power, a progressive utility at the forefront of the clean energy transition,” said Bill Collins, CEO of LO3 Energy. “Pando will help GMP’s customers subscribe to solar and optimize their savings by aligning their energy use with the sunniest periods. Pando’s platform means customers can easily participate in renewable energy without upfront costs or long-term commitments, and can get information they need to shift their usage to solar hours and save more when it makes sense for them.”

Pando provides GMP customers with a mobile app that:

  • Displays their energy use history and summary of their savings
  • Gives customers a forecast of solar energy 1-3 days ahead to highlight opportunities to save
  • Makes suggestions on how customers can shift their energy use to save more money and take better advantage of renewable resources, such as times when solar is most abundant

Pando provides utilities in general a comprehensive web dashboard that displays important information such as:

  • How many customers are enrolled in their renewable programs
  • Participating customer usage charted against renewable energy availability
  • Effectiveness of alerts to inspire customers to shift their energy use to match renewable availability
  • Overall savings for participating customers

Pando ultimately aims to encourage greater renewable energy adoption by making it easier and more affordable to embrace the benefits of solar.

GMP will be rolling out Sun Match to eligible customers over the coming months. Customers interested in learning if they qualify to participate can email [email protected]

News item from Green Mountain Power

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