Green Mountain Power launches Enphase battery lease program for 100 customers

Enphase’s battery system

Vermont-based utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) announced it will offer Enphase Energy Systems to its customers in a battery lease grid services pilot program. Homeowners can also enroll in GMP’s “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) grid services program, which enables customers with their own Enphase Energy Systems to participate and earn an upfront incentive.

The lease program will provide 100 eligible customers with two Enphase IQ Battery 10 units for $65 per month for ten years, or for a single payment of $6,500. That cost does not include installation. Homeowners benefit from reliable backup power, while also sharing stored energy during times of high demand to help reduce overall costs for all GMP customers.

Alternatively, homeowners can buy a new Enphase Energy System or enroll their existing system in GMP’s BYOD program, which doesn’t have a limit to the number of participants and enables them to earn money with their Enphase IQ Batteries through a one-time, upfront incentive. Eligible customers can sign up and monitor participation in the Enphase® App and will receive an upfront payment of up to $9,500 with four Enphase IQ Battery 10s. If homeowners are retrofitting an existing solar system in one of the areas of the state where battery power is needed most, they may be eligible to receive an extra $100 per kilowatt. Program participants will be enrolled for a term of a minimum of ten years.

Enphase is also launching its Grid Services Manager, a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) that GMP will use to manage virtual power plants with Enphase Energy Systems. Enphase expects to offer this software product for utility grid managers and distributed energy resource aggregators in the future.

“We are excited to offer customers another option for storage, as we create a stronger and more resilient energy system,” said Josh Castonguay, VP of innovation and engineering at Green Mountain Power. “Our storage programs are leading the way, helping to cut carbon and costs for all of our customers. This pilot expands on our innovative work, allowing for more customers to access storage technology.”

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