GreenBrilliance partners with Qmerit on EV charging solutions

solar installer Green sparkle works together with Qmerit to provide its customers with charging solutions for electric vehicles. With this partnership, homeowners and businesses have access to qualified and licensed electricians to install charging equipment. The first agreement concerns the installation of Level 2 home charging hardware to ensure customers have easier and faster charging of their EV.

The ability to charge at home plays a big role in a consumer’s decision to purchase an electric car. Thanks to the collaboration, organizations no longer have to assess, locate and pay for their charging installation. Instead, Qmerit allows EV owners to complete a simple online survey and request quotes from GreenBrilliance. The research ensures that quotes are precisely based on the unique characteristics of the owner’s home or business.

“Renewable energy and electric vehicles are the epicenter of our growing global economy. This partnership is timely and offers a great value proposition for the customers buying EVs and going solar. It helps them reduce their carbon footprint and really contribute to sustainability,” said Sumit Bhatnagar, President & CEO of GreenBrilliance.

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