Greenskies completes 1.39-MW solar portfolio for New Jersey school district

Greenskies Clean Energy recently supplied power to seven solar systems totaling 1.39 MW for the West Milford Board of Education. Greenskies funded these projects at no upfront cost to the school district. They will own, operate and maintain all seven solar panels throughout their lifetime. The West Milford Board of Education will benefit from significant energy cost savings by purchasing the power generated by Greenskies’ solar panels at a discounted rate.

The solar panels will supply approximately 60% of the individual schools’ electricity needs and displace a significant portion of the natural gas and heating oil that the district normally purchases.

“Greenskies is committed to providing our customers with tailor-made solutions to meet their needs. In this case, the energy bill savings from these solar installations will help pay for nearly $7.3 million in non-solar upgrades for West Milford,” said Stanley Chin, president and CEO of Greenskies. “We are proud to help school systems transition to solar energy. The financial benefits and reduced CO2 emissions represent meaningful progress towards a better, cleaner future for all.”

Greenskies partnered with Eznergy Solar Energy Solutions, a New Jersey-based solar energy provider, to install the solar panels on the rooftops of Paradise Knoll Elementary School (131 kW), Apshawa Elementary School (107 kW), Maple Road Elementary School (94 kW). ), installed Upper Greenwood Lake. School (79 kW), West Milford Schools Transportation Department (28 kW) and West Milford Township High School (711 kW) along with a sun canopy carport in the “Senior Lot” High School located at Macopin Middle School (239 kW).

News item from Greenskies Clean Energy

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