Greentech Renewables now distributing FranklinWH products

FranklinWH residential energy storage products are now being distributed by Greentech Renewables (formerly CED Greentech).

“FranklinWH products enable safe, reliable and affordable energy security for everyone,” said FrankinWH US general manager and co-founder Gary Lam. “Creating a national network of trusted distributors is necessary to ensure FranklinWH products arrive on-time and with the highest quality customer service.”

Franklin Home Power (FHP) is a whole-home energy management solution that integrates solar, battery, grid, and generator power sources and manages them to optimize the safety, reliability, and efficiency of home energy. FHP’s powerful, integrated home energy management system consists of the aGate X, an intelligent power control system to intelligently manage home energy sources, and the aPower X battery.

With the addition of Greentech Renewables, FranklinWH solutions are now available through a network of distributors, including Inxeption Energy, Fortune Energy, The Power Store, Van Meter, Inter-Island Solar Supply, R&R Solar Supply, and SolWel. FranklinWH solutions are also AVL-listed with multiple financial institutions including Mosaic, Sungage Financial and GoodLeap.

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