G&S Solar developing 50 community solar projects on New York rooftops

G&S Solar and AVANA Capital are developing more than 50 community rooftop solar projects in New York. AVANA is financing the portfolio and G&S Solar has already started construction on 14 of those projects.

“As a lifelong resident of New Yorker and Con Edison, I’m excited to see our projects go live in my backyard, serving New York building owners and residents by helping them save money on their utility bills and while contributing to the state’s clean energy goals,” said David Katz, senior director at G&S Solar. “While these projects involve complex zoning and permit regulations, we believe so strongly in our mission that we continue to source properties to make solar energy projects more readily available in this region.”

G&S Solar was originally founded as a real estate development company. In 2009, it began adding solar panels to its own properties to reduce electricity costs for its tenants.

The program was so successful that it was expanded to allow commercial building owners to rent rooftop space for community solar installations that provide electricity savings to customers throughout the New York market.

“These projects not only allow New Yorkers to save money on their electric bills, but also allow building owners to create additional value by monetizing their unused roof space. These projects are equating the benefits of solar energy for everyone by allowing people who may not be able to install solar on their own roofs to take advantage of the savings from solar energy,” said Walter Cuculic, EVP of renewable energy, AVANA Capital.

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