Guymon High School Superintendent Addresses HVAC at the High School

We want to assure you that we are working hard to provide you with accurate communication
regarding the HVAC system being installed in the high school. The current boiler, that is
original to the building, is not functional. It failed to hold up after last February’s cold spell.
Repair, even if it has been looked at, is not an option. To have warmth in high school at
all winter we have to install a new system. Since last spring and summer, the school has
worked with engineers who assessed the roof and failing system. This is a
lengthy process. After consultation and assessment of the recommendations and options with the
engineers, architects, contractors and obtaining approval from the State Department of Education to
using federal funds for this project, the district just received approval on September 15, 2021.
Replacing the boiler/chiller installation is no small task; therefore this may require some students
to participate remotely during construction so that students and staff have warmth during the cold
months ahead.

This process involves removing all ceilings, cleaning, repairing, or
replaced with exposed wires and pipes, heavy machinery in and out of the building, failure of
electricity and water, as well as other unforeseen safety issues. The health and safety of
our students is always a priority.

Please note, there is a committee consisting of parents, teachers, supervisors and administration
work diligently to ensure necessary communication of plans for parents, students, and
faculty affected. Any plan made may change due to unforeseen circumstances with:
build. Every effort will be made to minimize the impact on students, activities and
education. For the health, safety and efficiency of this facility and commitment to student
learning, decisions had to be made. The committee is working on further communication that:
will be released soon with more details. Our priority is to create clear concise communication for:
all involved.

Thank you for working with us to make Guymon High School a safe and supportive school
environment for all our students.

Angela Rhoades, Chief Inspector

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