Homestead Country Club in Prairie Village gets OK for upgrades, including new pickleball courts

Homestead Country Club

Homestead Country Club at 4100 Homestead Court in Prairie Village is getting two new pickleball courts and 26 new parking spaces after the city’s planning committee approved the club’s most recent revised site plan — but not all plans were approved.

Homestead Country Club in Prairie Village was given the green light by the city’s planning committee to proceed with several site upgrades, including new pickleball courts.

But not all of the club’s requests were immediately granted.

The club near Indian Hills Middle School at 63rd Street and Mission Road, has filed revised site plans since August 2018 – related to long-planned upgrades and renovations.

Last November, the planning committee voted on the club’s most recent plan due to concerns from some neighbors about lighting and landscaping.

Both issues have now been resolved, but another proposed aspect of the plan — a roof over new pickleball courts — was not approved by the planning committee this week.

Homestead owner Dennis Hulsing and project manager Jeff Plfughoft on Tuesday mentioned the idea of ​​adding two pickleball courts to the club, covered with a roof.

City officials said no revised site plans — including the one finally approved Tuesday night — mentioned anything about enclosed pickleball courts.

The planning committee chair, Greg Wolf, said the committee couldn’t approve something they hadn’t seen, and opposed the idea of ​​allowing Hulsing and Plfughoft to submit the attached pickleball field plans midway through the meeting.

“I’m not a fan of doing things on the fly,” said Wolf. “I don’t feel comfortable if you present us such a material thing at this time (at the meeting).”

Commissioner Nancy Wallerstein suggested that the planning committee approve the rest of the plan, except for the pickleball court roof.

The revised site plan approved Tuesday includes the following, as set forth in city documents:

  • The addition of 26 parking spaces in the northwest corner of the lot.
  • As a compromise with neighbors, one current tennis court in the northwest corner will remain where it is, according to city documents.
  • Two new pickleball courts between the main clubhouse and a permanent tennis facility. This does not include the roofing, for which the planning committee would have to assess the heights.
  • Re-stripping the tennis courts on the east side, closest to the clubhouse, to create four new potential pickleball courts.

While the pickleball courts themselves have been approved, Homestead has to resubmit plans for roofing over the courts.

The planning committee approved the revised site plan by 5 to 1, with Commissioner Jim Breneman in opposition.

The Homestead renovations were approved under several conditions, including the following as detailed in city documents:

  • The country club will receive a new dewatering permit that will be assessed and issued by the Public Works Department.
  • A revised track configuration has been approved with pickleball and small lanes in the center of the site.
  • The details of the “parking area meet specifications or otherwise authorized by public works.”
  • No other changes should be allowed without the approval of a revised site plan.

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