How an HVAC company rose to No. 2 on the Greater Reading Top 50 businesses list

September 7 – It’s been over ten years since CC&M Services Inc. was last in the top 50 of the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance, and quite a bit has changed, including the name of the company.

CC&M was renamed Service 360 ​​Group earlier this year, a decision that reflects the company’s expansion into residential HVAC, plumbing and electrical services.

“The rationale for the rebrand was to relaunch the company,” said Scott Kolb, president of Service 360 ​​Group.

“We were primarily a commercial construction and service company in the past, so when we decided to enter the housing market, we decided it was time for a new look and a fresh name.”

However, Kolb wouldn’t go so far as to attribute Service 360’s growth to a rebrand or change to its business model.

Rather, it is the people and entities that make the company a success, he said.

“We’re really lucky to have a solid, loyal customer base, and the same goes for our workforce,” said Kolb.

A company that grows with its customers

As Service 360’s commercial customers in Berks County thrive and expand, it translates into success.

“We have a very good core group of people who work with us,” Kolb said. “And we are connected to a number of prominent clients in the area – most notably Redner’s Markets, Granite Point, Surgical Institute of Reading, the Reading Housing Authority and NAI Keystone.

“So we have pretty long-term relationships and they’ve really helped us grow over the years.”

One of the main industries that Service 360 ​​contracts with are supermarkets, Kolb added, which have seen an increasing amount of new construction and redevelopment in recent years.

While Service 360 ​​has become more localized since its inception, the company is currently working on a project with SMJ Construction for Redner’s in Lewes, Del.

“We will travel depending on the project,” Kolb said. “But for the most part we are in the Greater Reading area up to the Philadelphia area.”

Rolling with the punches

A graduate of Wyomissing High School, Kolb also attended Berks Career & Technology Center and became a certified master electrician.

He was working in the field when he co-founded CC&M in 2004 with “friendly competitor” Joe Weidman.

The duo led the company to the top five of the chamber’s 50 best companies in 2010.

The list — now in its 18th year — consists of MPs who earn at least $1 million in annual revenue and ranks applicants based on their year-over-year revenue growth, either as a percentage or dollar amount.

After Service 360’s earlier appearance on the list as CC&M, the company has endured some ups and downs during its recovery from the Great Recession, said Kolb, whose partner has since retired.

“We had some success and some challenges over the years,” Kolb said. “Now I think we’re pretty well positioned for the new expansion.”

Service 360 ​​makes its pitch to homeowners

Although Service 360 ​​Group has a warehouse in Reading, it can call home, but much of the operation is remote.

So when COVID-19 hit the region in March 2020, forcing many companies to change the way they do business or shut down temporarily, Service 360 ​​was prepared.

“From that standpoint, we kind of got off the ground when things shut down and got tight at the start of the pandemic,” Kolb said. “That helped. We didn’t have to go through that transition that a lot of people had to.”

The bigger pivot for Service 360 ​​Group, it seems, is the addition of residential electrical, HVAC and plumbing services, as well as preventative maintenance.

With more than 100 years of combined experience on the management team alone, Kolb believes the company is one of the few in the area that can help the needs of homeowners in all three of these disciplines.

“We are responsive, we guarantee our work and we are multi-trade,” he said. “We can offer a variety of services, while many local contractors focus on one or two professions.”

2021 Greater Reading Chamber Alliance Top 50 Companies

1. Good Life Companies

2. Service 360 ​​Group

3. Heeby’s Surplus Inc.

4. Bancorp Inc. Clients

5. Unique Pretzel Bakery Inc.

6. Weaver’s Hardware Company

7. Triose Inc.

8. Personal Champion

9. Translogistics Inc.

10. Strunk Media Group

11. Spotts Insurance Group

12. Cornerstone Law Firm LLC

13. Omega Systems Consultants, LLC

14. Kautter & Kelley Architects Inc.

15. Pagoda Realty

16.Entech Engineering, Inc.

17.Rebein + Company, Inc.

18. Berkshire Systems Group Inc.

19. Stoney Creek Rentals Inc.

20. MJ Reider Environmental Testing Laboratories, Inc.

21. Pasture Hammer


23. Muhlenberg Greene Architects

24. Gallen Insurance Inc.

25. Suburban Testing Labs Inc.

26. Levan Machine and Truck Equipment

27. Rothenberger Insurance Services, LLC

28. New Castle Lawn and Landscape, Inc.

29. McCarthy Engineering Associates

30. Irish Creek Enterprises, Inc.

31. Bogia Engineering Inc.

32. Federal Credit Union Discovery

33. Connors Investor Services Inc.

34. Wyatt Seats

35. Century 21 Gold

36. From Scoy Jewelers

37. Dissolve IT Solutions, LLC.

38. East Penn Manufacturing Co.

39. EG Smith, Inc. A division of Rhoads Energy

40. RE/MAX of reading

41. Breyer Construction & Landscape LLC

42. B&G Glass Services Inc.

43. Ethobron

44. Riverview Tree & Landscaping, Inc

45. Gateway Ticketing Systems Inc.

46. ​​Singer Equipment Company Inc.

47. Fraser Advanced Information Systems

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