HVAC department offers new internships

Five students have been hired for the program with a focus on energy efficiency

For the past year, SJCC teamed up with Strategic Energy Innovations and Kimberly Hui, a fellow of the Climate Corps, to initiate a new internship program, update the Electrician program, and create a new non-credit introductory course on energy.

Hui started the Energize Colleges Internship Program at SJCC with faculty member Jonathan Cronan and Dr. Lena Tran, vice president of the Business and Workforce Development Division.

Hui built new partnerships with local industrial companies: ECS Design, Inc., Hussey Bros., IRBIS HVAC and POCO Solar Energy Inc.

Five students were hired for the internships with a focus on energy efficiency and learning new tangible and transferable skills. This internship program made it easier for students to access a full-time, high-paying and fulfilling career in energy efficiency that suits their interests. Congratulations to the students selected for the internships!

Hui and Cronan collaborated to create a new, independent, concise academic program for electricians and a new no-credits course called Fundamentals of Energy Efficiency. To create a new program for electricians, Hui and Cronan created three new courses that covered the National Electrical Code, reading and rigging blueprints, and special low-voltage systems. The new electrician program makes it easier to find classes and learn relevant materials to pass the electrician certification exam.

“Fundamentals of Energy Efficiency” is a credit-less course that teaches students how electricity is created and transported, define renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation, and describe career options in energy efficiency.

This will be an engaging, dynamic, no-credits course where students can learn a lot and practice relevant skills in laboratory activities, such as energy audits.

Keep an eye out for the new no-credits course and sign up to learn more about the importance of energy!

These sustainability initiatives would not have been possible without the local partners who believed in our students and with funding from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), thank you. For more information on the Climate Corps Fellowship Program, please visit: Climate Corps website.

Kimberly Hui is an Energize Colleges Program Coordinator at San Jose City College and a Climate Corps Fellow.

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