Innovative HVAC Technology Company Relocating to New East River Development

HOUSTON, Aug 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TEAL has signed a lease to move their headquarters to a new 13,000-square-foot space on the top floor of the first office building to be built in Phase 1 of the East River development, which opened ground last week. hit. In addition, TEAL was selected by property developer Midway to supply a TEAL iPlant for chilled water for air conditioning in the building complex of Building C and a TEAL system for domestic hot water for the multi-family building, The Laura. Midway also plans to use TEAL power plants for future phases of this transformative project.

“We are excited to be a part of the new East River development, which is truly a visionary project here in Houston,” said Garey Willbanks, director and co-founder of TEAL. “The Willbanks and TEAL family have come a long way since 1977, when our first “headquarters” was my mom and dad’s dining room on Sagevalley Drive.

Over the past 17 years, TEAL has grown to manage more than 350 systems in 14 states, serving more than 80,000 users nationwide, with a team of experts located in offices across the country. Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Austin and Bentonville. Their portfolio includes new construction as well as retrofit and replacement projects

“Our move to East River aligns with our vision of growth and transformation as we enter our third decade,” said Britt Schmidt, director and CEO of TEAL. “We believe we can make a positive impact in the world by making buildings more sustainable through the application of AI, alternative energy and our patented control and monitoring platform to operate and maintain central factories more efficiently and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of our customers. to reduce.

TEAL’s unique concept of “central factories as-a-service” has led to the development of innovative, sustainable, vertically integrated managed central factory solutions that customers never have to own, maintain or operate themselves. These eco-friendly systems increase the quality and value of a home while delivering dramatic energy savings, lower life cycle costs and unique financial results compared to traditional HVAC and domestic hot water systems

TEAL was founded in 2004 to provide vertically integrated, continuously monitored, 100% uptime managed central installations to provide chilled water, hydronic heat and domestic hot water to public and private building owners everywhere North America and further

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