Islandwalk Community Homeowners Fight to Install Solar Roofs

Collier County

Frank Chow remembers Hurricane Irma well.

He wants to prepare for the next hit in southwest Florida and wants to install the entire sunroof.

“It was especially disastrous for the children. We have two kids and we can’t cook. We don’t have air conditioning at night,” Zhou says. “With a sunroof you get all the power you need!”

But there are pitfalls. His Island Walk Community Home Owners Association said no. In a rejection letter, the committee stated that there was a problem with the roof color, tiles and singles.

“I thought it was really retarded,” Zhou said. “Looking at statistics, research, etc., this is the future. People will probably own 90% of electric cars within 20 years.”

Zhou said he believed the board was breaking the law.

There are laws that prevent HOA from completely refusing homeowners to install renewable-based solar collectors and other energy equipment.

Attorney Mark Adam Shizuku said Zhou had a lawsuit, but it wasn’t a slam dunk.

“This is an act that balances the HOA’s right to protect the overall appearance of the community,” Adamcyzk said. “In general, HOA can’t quite say no to someone who wants to place the solar collector on the roof where it can operate at the right efficiency.”

Zhou said he would press charges.

The chairman of the Island Walk HOA Board said he would like to talk to Zhou and reach a compromise.

Islandwalk Community homeowners fight to install sunroofs

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