iSun acquires SunCommon to expand regional solar installation presence

Vermont-based iSun has announced it has acquired SunCommon to expand its regional solar footprint.

The transaction completes phase one of the recently announced iSun Housing strategy on the east coast and builds on iSun’s commercial, industrial and utility presence in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina.

“This is a milestone for iSun,” said Jeffrey Peck, chairman and CEO of iSun. “This acquisition not only delivers on our promise to investors to execute on our residential strategy, but also honors our 50-year legacy of helping accelerate the widespread adoption of life-enhancing technology innovations. We have long respected SunCommon for their ability to provide customer-centric solutions to the climate crisis and for their deep commitment to people, the planet and the communities they serve.”

“As a market solution to the climate crisis, scale is important. By joining iSun, SunCommon can accelerate our growth plans and delight our customers with clean energy solutions that improve their lives and protect our planet. This is a great day for SunCommon, our employees, customers and investors,” said James Moore, SunCommon Co-Chairman.

His Co-Chairman Duane Peterson commented: “We are proud of what we have achieved and are happy to recognize our people by ensuring they benefit directly from this partnership. And this is just the beginning. SunCommon will continue to operate as a Public Benefit Corporation and a certified B Corp, while helping our new parent company iSun achieve its B Corp certification. We intend to create the nation’s largest values-led clean energy enterprise.”

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