Karndean launches new Opus visuals

Opus capsule collectionExport, pa.— Karndean Designflooring introduced new commercial market-exclusive abstract visuals in varying size formats. The company said these visuals are designed to interact with one another for seemingly limitless wayfinding, zoning and pattern possibilities, without the need for expansion gaps or transitions.

“Now more than ever, we’re seeing interiors professionals embracing expressive, unique colors and patterns with a global influence, allowing for a distinct design point of view—particularly within education, hospitality and healthcare applications,” said Thomas Baldwin, vice president of commercial sales, Karndean Designflooring.

Part of the company’s well-established Opus glue-down range, the new abstract capsule collection redefines traditional trends from the Italian Renaissance, including terrazzo, natural pigments, poured and speckled concretes, mixed media and Venetian stucco.

“While every Karndean luxury vinyl product can be personalized, all of these new visuals are intentionally designed for interacting with one another, in addition to being used in combination with existing Opus woods and stones, for unlimited customization options to meet practical and aesthetic design needs ,” Baldwin added.

Known for developing original product visuals, the company said it has taken a curated approach to designing these new abstracts for the Opus capsule collection. “Our mixed media visuals are representative of the vibrancy of Italian piazzas and the visual beauty of abstract fine art, resulting in a collage of color and texture that brings impact to the floor at your feet,” said Jenne Ross, director of marketing and global product team member. “The natural pigments have a woven linen overlay and were created using monochromatic color builds to create tones that have immense versatile design potential and generate movement across the floor.”

With a 20-mil wear layer, Opus products, including the new Opus capsule collection, are suitable for standard commercial environments and are backed by a 15-year commercial warranty.

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