KORE Power launches energy storage installation division after NRI acquisition

American lithium battery maker KORE Power is getting into the installation game after acquiring Northern Reliability (NRI) and launching KORE Solutions, a full-service storage integrator. This move will allow KORE to become a vertically integrated energy solutions provider.

KORE Solutions combines the manufacturing capabilities of KORE Power with NRI’s nearly 50 years of experience advancing energy storage solutions to offer customers end-to-end capabilities and service. KORE will immediately add 25 positions to its Waterbury, Vermont, location.

“Building upon NRI’s five decades of storage engineering and project development expertise, we’re adding KORE Power’s battery cells to create KORE Solutions – creating the market’s first all-in-one source for energy storage solutions here in the US,” said Lindsay Gorrill , founder and CEO of KORE Power. “KORE Solutions was formed to tackle global challenges, and with Northern Reliability’s engineering and problem-solving capacity, we’ll develop better products and services across the energy storage sector.”

Gorrill touted NRI’s experience successfully deploying more than 1,000 energy storage projects to some of the most inhospitable locations on the planet – from remote islands to Antarctica.

“KORE Solutions brings the full weight of NRI’s expertise and support to optimize our storage technology offerings,” he said. “Full integration of our product line allows us to provide better service, superior performance and safety.”

Jay Bellows, formerly President and CEO of NRI, now becomes president of KORE Power.

“When you partner with KORE Solutions, you partner with an integrated team that is responsible for the supply, manufacturing, deployment, software, system monitoring, operational excellence, and maintenance of complete energy storage systems,” Bellows said. “We bring the supply chain closer to home and make it easy for our customers to deliver on their energy storage targets.” Both KORE Power and Northern Reliability customers will benefit from the acquisition.

KORE Power and NRI started working together about two years ago on the Nomad Transportable Power project. Gorrill said that project showed the potential of bringing together the manufacturer and the integrator. “Our teams push each other toward innovations that will benefit the entire industry,” he said.

Gorrill said KORE Solutions will operate as a new division within the company. The existing KORE Power team will remain focused on delivering high-quality products to customers in the energy storage and electric transportation sectors.

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