Lanarkshire motorist’s road rampage left plumber unable to work

A plumber was forced to retire after being seriously injured in a car accident in Lanarkshire.

The 61-year-old was hit from behind by Steven Donaldson’s Mercedes jeep in Cambuslang on August 6, 2019.

The plumber, who was retired, had to quit his job after he suffered two spinal fractures in his neck.

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Donaldson went on a rampage at the wheel, with four cars being written off and one of them ‘flattening’.

The 47-year-old was convicted by a Glasgow Sheriff Court jury of causing serious injury to the 61-year-old through dangerous driving.

Donaldson was also found guilty on a separate charge of failing to stop after an accident to provide his name and address, as well as identifying the owner of the vehicle.

The court heard from the plumber, who told the jury that he was driving towards East Kilbride Road with his partner.

Prosecutor Mark Allan asked what was the first thing that happened, he replied: “I was hit from behind, I was on the left side of the filter.

“I was hit by a Mercedes jeep in the back offside.”

The witness stated that he was moving at the time and traveling at a speed of 15 miles per hour.

He added, “I was about to accelerate at that point. The car hit me on the bumper by the back door and chased us about 10 feet.”

The witness stated that he could not see the driver who, according to him, ran a red light and drove away.

He stated that he went to the side of the road and called 999 before speaking to police at his home later that day.

Mr Allan questioned the witness about the damage to the car.

He stated: “The car was eventually written off, but at the time I thought it was minor damage to the rear.”

He added that he and his partner went to the hospital the next day.

He stated that he had been diagnosed with two cervical vertebrae fractures while his partner had whiplash.

The witness claimed that he had been given a neck and back brace for six weeks.

A driving instructor, 63, told jurors that Donaldson had fallen on his car from an elevated section of the road in front of his home.

The witness’s new student car was written off after Donaldson’s jeep landed on the hood.

He stated that he heard a bang outside his house and went to his window.

He said, “My car had moved 10 to 12 feet further back and was written off.

“The gate was down and rocks were thrown while the other car involved was leaning against the curb behind my car.

“It had landed on my hood and my car was pretty much squashed on the top.”

His neighbor stated that her Toyata Yaris was also written off because of the collision.

Mr Allan asked what condition her car was in.

She replied: “The front was destroyed, the side was destroyed and the whole left side was damaged.”

The witness said Donaldson and his passengers fled the scene before returning.

She confronted him, but was told, “I wasn’t going fast.”

Donaldson was arrested and told officers there was a problem with his cruise control.

The sentence was adjourned until next month due to background reports from Sheriff Alan Mackenzie.

Donaldson, from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, had continued his bail in the meantime.

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