Laurel Vietnam veteran wins free roof from Cox Roofing

LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) — Necessary home improvement projects can be so expensive.

A local roofing company in Laurel decided to take the burden of a new roof off a man’s house.

John Moorman, a Vietnam veteran and cancer patient, entered a competition to get his roof repaired for free. This morning he could see it happening in life.

Cox Roofing arrived early to begin repairing the Vietnam veteran’s home.

“I got a free roof. Not everyone gets that, you know. The last time it was worked on was by me, and that was just cold patching,” said Moorman.

While it may seem small to some people, it was huge for Moorman because he says the roof leaked in three places, and most of his money goes toward his cancer treatment payments.

He’s been battling lung cancer for about a year, but he says he’s going into remission.

“I’ve been trying to save, but just like I got a $225 a month co-payment for the scan, and, you know, I’m walking around paying $26,000 when you can and paying another $15,000 when you can,” said Moorman.

He sat across the street admiring the work, but the roofing company’s owner, Jonathan Cox, said there was nothing like the day they first went to Moorman’s house to tell him he’d won the competition. .

“It was really phenomenal. I wish the cameras were here that day because when we stopped and presented the roof to the gentleman, he collapsed and cried over it,” Cox said.

Cox said it wasn’t easy to pick the winner. About 30 veterans entered the competition, but he could only pick one, so they decided to make it as fair as possible.

“So, we just put some names in the hat and took one out, and this is the guy who won it. But yeah, we plan to do something like this every year,” said Cox.

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