LG Chem announces plans to create plastic solar panel frames

LG Chem has developed a plastic material that can replace the metal in solar panel frames and plans to “start full market penetration,” according to a press release.

Developed by LG Chem, the ‘LUPOY EU5201’ is a flame retardant engineering plastic material that complements the mechanical properties of general purpose plastics by adding fiberglass to polycarbonate compounds. It is a flame-retardant material that, thanks to its low thermal expansion, maintains the shape of the material even with temperature changes.

LG says its solution has the same durability as existing aluminum, but weighs half as much and is competitive in price. It also has excellent dimensional stability that retains its shape even with temperature changes so that it is not easily deteriorated or deformed by the external environment. The chemical degradation caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays is reduced, which greatly improves the life of the product compared to general plastics, and the color remains the same even after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.

LG Chem has PCR PC (Post-Consumer Recycled Polycarbonate) development technology that recycles plastics used by general consumers, so that the company can also produce environmentally friendly low-carbon products using high-content PCR raw materials at the request of customers. The company also plans to look at ways to collect and reproduce the solar panel frame that will be discarded in the future in PCR PC.

“Plastic solar panel frames have many advantages that distinguish them from existing frames, such as ease of installation, and therefore have great market potential. Based on the world’s best compounding technology, LG Chem plans to lead the fast-growing solar energy materials market through continuous R&D and investment in mass production capabilities,” said Steven Kim, leader of engineering materials division at LG Chem.

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