LG release first “gapless” solar module using tiling technology

LG has launched a new all-black solar panel in the US market, the LG NeON H+ Black solar panel. The solar module is the first for the company to use its gap-free technology. A new wiring design overlaps half-cut solar cells to reduce thermal stress.

“With our new NeON H+ Black solar panel, homeowners now have an option that delivers the LG standard of high efficiency and powerful energy output in a beautifully designed and built module with a unified appearance,” said Brian Lynch, director of solar business development at LG Electronics USA. “Backed by LG’s 25-year limited product and performance warranty, this module instills confidence in exceptional performance and durability, while reducing a home’s energy footprint.”

LG NeON H+ Black solar panel is designed to generate an output of 405W. With a temperature coefficient of -0.33% per degree Celsius, the n-type half-cut cells are less adversely affected by traditional high temperature modules. NeON H+ Black is designed with cells that overlap by 0.5mm, eliminating the gap altogether, allowing more cells to fit in the same amount of space. This innovation can also help protect the wiring connecting the cells from impact.

LG NeON H+ Black panels come with a 25-year limited warranty for a performance level of 90.6% of the initial performance, even up to 25 years of continuous use.

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