BEDFORD, Va. – Liberty High School is releasing its students early Friday due to ongoing problems with HVAC repairs. School officials said that while classrooms currently have comfortable temperatures, this could change as temperatures rise during the day.

The school will use a shortened class schedule to ensure students have time for all their classes and meals.

In addition, coaches made specific decisions regarding each after-school activity this afternoon:

  • Football | Athletes remain at school and report to the field house at 12:45 pm after discharge. The away game at William Byrd is still on the program.

  • Volleyball | There will be no JV or Varsity practices on Friday.

  • cheering | Cheerleaders go home and return at 5pm

  • Golf | There is no practice on Friday.

  • Cross-country skiing | Practice takes place from 1:00 PM to 2:45 PM