Lions Floor expands logistics capabilities

Lions Floor
Jerry Guo, president of Lions Floor, expects shipments of its inbound SPC products to hit local distribution centers in June.

Santa Fe Spring, Calif.—As Lions Floor continues to expand its product offering in the US market, it is also broadening its logistics, warehousing and distribution capabilities here. Following on the heels of the opening of a new distribution center in Paramount, Calif., last year, the company is in the midst of finalizing plans for a warehouse and logistics center in Houston—another key market territory for Lions Floor.

The new Houston warehouse and distribution center is located in close proximity to the George W. Bush Airport, making it an ideal hub. Repurposed from an existing structure, which spans 33,000 square feet, the sprawling facility will accommodate hard surface pallet shipments and will be supported by a fleet of trailers that Lions Floor owns. The facility is expected to be up and running by June 2022.

“We have already acquired the space; we are just waiting for the material to show up,” said Jerry Guo, president of Lions Floor, referring to containers currently on the water. “It takes amount a month for the ocean freight to be delivered and then another month for the port to process the materials. So, a few months from now we should have everything in the warehouse.”

The facility will house employees specializing in everything from customer service and logistics to stockroom workers and even drivers. “We expect to start with at least 15-20 people,” Guo said.

As the company’s business continues to grow in the region, so, too, will the number of distribution centers. “In the future, we expect to add more warehouse space and distribution centers in nearby cities, including Dallas, San Antonio and Austin,” Guo said, noting that the Houston fleet will initially operate on a 150-mile radius. “We will gauge the market as we grow the business and expand accordingly.”

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