Loki Basecamp’s Falcon Truck Camper Aims to Be the Most Versatile in the World

Why bother to show you another Truck camper? Easy. The Falcon series motorhome(s) seem to be one of the most versatile designs I’ve seen to date. How versatile? Time to find out.

Before we get into the depths of things, I need to help know a little about Loki. According to the manufacturer’s website, this team has been in the design engineering-manufacturing business for over 15 years. But only in the last ten years have they gone out of their way to get their product into as many hands as possible. Once you’ve seen what they’ve come up with, you could throw your life savings like this camper.

The current Loki range includes three motorhomes, the Falcon 5, Falcon 6 and Falcon 8, each with beds measuring 1.5 metres, 6.5 feet (1.98 meters) and 2.4 meters (2.4 meters) respectively . This makes the Falcon series suitable for pickup trucks ranging from the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, through GMC Sierras and Nissan Titans, and even suitable for Ford F-Series and Chevy Silverado. Best of all, it can even be deployed stand-alone, so you can still take your vehicle on some extreme rides without getting heavy.

Aside from a top-shelf build material construction that allows the Falcon to weigh just 544kg, the real advantage of this motorhome is that it’s absolutely packed with so many features and hardware that the team calls it “self-sufficient.”

Most of this self-sufficiency is provided by an electrical system that includes up to 360 watts of solar power, a lithium battery bank of up to 600 Ah and a 2000 watt inverter and charger. These and other systems, such as plumbing, lighting, and heating and cooling, can all be controlled from a smart energy management panel. On-demand plumbing with drinking water and greywater tanks is available to keep you off-grid for as long as possible, while a Webasto heating unit regulates air and water temperature.

As I mentioned earlier, the Falcon has a very big focus on versatility. Outside, the shell is equipped with a tool rack, side supports, a multi-function tool tray and even a retractable awning. Utility LEDs and front LED bars with up to 28,000 lumens have also been added to the exterior. However, these are just some of the possible exterior combinations.

One thing you can do if you’re in the market for one of these RVs is talk to Loki about one of the seven vehicle solutions they already have in mind. Let’s say you want a campervan meant for exploring, or perhaps for mountain biking or water sports, Loki has versions that fit exactly those needs. Oh, and these versions also customize the interior, each optimized for whatever your lifestyle demands.

Speaking of interior, there are four spaces designated in the Falcon: a mudroom, kitchenette, lounge and bedroom. The mudroom contains all the amenities needed to enter the motorhome clean, a removable indoor shower, drying equipment rails, air compressor and several exits. Not to mention that this space can also be converted into an extra table with seating area.

The kitchenette and lounge occupy the rest of the truck bed and include an induction hob, sink with flip-up tap, plenty of storage space, fridge and multimedia monitor. The lounge has a multifunctional seating and table area with removable platforms and portable toilet storage. With the help of a platform system, this space can even be used as a vehicle garage.

As for the bedroom, hidden in the cabover, removable platforms offer unimaginable options. A queen size bed, dim and reading lamps and access to the TV monitor are all available. Remember that with this platform system, you can convert the space into storage space or anything else you want, even though there are already plenty of storage compartments.

For construction, Loki builds each Falcon with an aluminum shell, making it lightweight and corrosion resistant, while dual density synthetic composite insulation provides thermal and acoustic insulation. Everything is then sealed with panels that do not absorb moisture and finished with Lexan windows. Now you have a motorhome that Loki likes to call an “investment.”

Speaking of investing, to get a Falcon 5 or Falcon 6 you’ll need $95,000 (€80,067 at current exchange rates) for the bare minimum of motorhome. But for the Falcon 8 spend at least $135,000 (€113,780 at current exchange rates). Those are starting prices, so if you have big dreams they will end up costing you a lot of money, but you might walk away with your very last motorhome.

PS Loki has also designed the Falcon with future electric truck owners in mind, meaning Rivian and Cybertruck owners can look forward to using a Falcon.

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