Lumin releases home energy managing app for smart circuit setup

river has launched a new smartphone application (Lumin Edge) for use with its smart circuit system to give homeowners greater flexibility in managing, monitoring and optimizing their home energy consumption.

“As more customers demand greater insight and control over their energy, it becomes difficult to extend intelligent controls to existing electrical and smart panels due to space constraints, prohibitively high costs and long, often unpredictable installation times,” says Bob Kingery. , co-founder of Southern Energy Management in North Carolina. “With the introduction of Lumin Edge, installing a home energy system is a breeze as installers don’t have to rewire and save homeowners money; as a result, it’s a win-win.”

Lumin Edge hardware is designed to meet the different needs and sizes of households and consists of the Edge Hub and any number of Edge modules. To initiate an installation, a homeowner connects the core of the system, the Edge Hub, to their Internet router. Edge modules, devices responsible for collecting data and controlling energy consumption, can be placed on electrical wires anywhere in the house in less than 10 minutes. Available for use on single 120 V or dual 240 V circuits, homeowners can install the product themselves without the help of an electrician or get assistance through Lumin’s robust network of certified installers.

“By working with homeowners who use our original product, the Lumin Smart Panel, we understand the challenges they constantly face when trying to connect the many aspects of an electrified home: solar energy, energy storage, charging electric vehicles and so on,” said Jonathan Proffitt, Lumin’s head of business development. “Lumin Edge is the missing piece of the puzzle that gives homeowners a unified and holistic view of their energy landscape.”

From adjusting battery backup to managing energy rates, any home can benefit from the new Lumin Edge for its ability to provide energy management through smart circuit and device control. This feature allows homeowners to remotely control the use of generated and stored solar energy, improve home security by creating schedules to automatically turn appliances on and off, and participate in utility demand response programs to save money and maintain stability. to help improve the network.

While Lumin Edge has clear benefits for homes equipped with solar and energy storage, it also has unique features for homeowners who struggle with the insurrection of adverse or asymmetric grid measurements. Lumin’s software detects when a home has excess solar energy and redirects it to be used indoors, such as charging an electric vehicle or running a pool pump, rather than returning the power. sell to the net.

The system provides detailed insight into the CO2 emissions of the power consumption of the grid. Lumin Edge allocates a home’s energy consumption by source such as natural gas, wind, coal or hydropower, and time of day to encourage further renewable energy practices. Coupled with algorithm-driven energy automations, this feature gives homeowners an incredible tool to control their CO. to minimize2 emissions, while using only the cleanest energy from the public grid where possible.

In the case of going off-grid, Lumin software can help homeowners expand their battery careers by dynamically prioritizing specific circuits based on their needs. Homeowners also receive information about the performance and status of the battery storage system, such as the amount of energy left in the battery and how long the reserve will last. The technology also connects various smart devices, including smart thermostats, connected devices such as refrigerators, smart plugs and chargers for electric vehicles. By connecting these devices together on its platform, Lumin creates an ecosystem in which energy consumption is synchronized with the energy supply available to a household.

“With the goal of empowering homes to participate in the energy transition, we set out to create an affordable, easy-to-install energy management system that is flexible and customizable based on the individual needs of homeowners,” said Lumin founder and CEO Alex Bazhinov. . “Lumin Edge helps homeowners save money by creating a versatile platform that manages all aspects of their energy—from the utility grid and onsite solar to managing individual loads.”

Lumin’s original Smart Panel provides a system that retrofits an existing circuit breaker panel to perform energy data analysis and circuit control. Data on connected devices and systems is collected and analyzed to help homeowners better understand their energy habits in the home. Lumin’s software provides homeowners with three levels of circuit control, including remote switching (on/off) for safety, scheduling for savings and circuit priority, and shutdown to extend battery life.

Lumin Edge will go on sale in 2022.

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