Madison woman said mold in apartment is making her sick

MADISON (WKOW) — Shortly after moving to The Crossings at Elver Park Apartments last August, Camille Robinson said she became ill.

“The cough was so bad,” she told 27 News. “I had a very tight feeling in the chest. I found myself using my inhaler all the time.”

As the months passed during the pandemic, Robinson said her cough turned into an infection and she thought she had the coronavirus. But she said a test confirmed she didn’t have COVID-19.

Robinson said her air conditioning stopped working around the same time. So she opened it and she was shocked to see mold.

She said there was also mold in her ceiling and in her closets.

“I started seeing it for myself and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve never dealt with anything like this before,'” she said.

Robinson told 27 News she immediately contacted Madison Property Management, the company that manages her apartment.

“I was going to send them emails, and I don’t know if they took me seriously or not until I started sending them pictures,” she said.

Robinson said MPM had told her they were understaffed. After more weeks passed with no changes, she contacted the Madison Building Inspection municipality.

Records show that city officials have found many other violations in more apartments also owned by Madison Property Management.

“I’d like someone to take care of this place,” Robinson said. “Either you start getting fined or you start being stripped of your responsibilities.”

The city has sent Robinson a letter stating that they and other tenants in the building can get some of their rent back because some violations have not been resolved.

27 News spoke to the manager of Robinson’s apartment. After declining an interview on camera, 27 News received the following statement on July 31.

About six weeks after we took over the management of this apartment, we received a maintenance request to repair the PTAC heating and cooling unit. After inspection, our technician called a licensed HVAC contractor to make the necessary repairs.

About 30 days later, we got another call from the resident that the unit was not cooling properly, but the resident then canceled the request because the unit was working properly again.

Your visit to me today was the first time I realized that not all defects had been fixed during the original HVAC inspection. Now that I am aware, we will immediately have this unit cleaned and repaired or replaced if necessary.

Thank you very much for your message.

James Stopple, CPM
Madison Property Management, Inc.

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