Managing a facility’s HVAC demands

Facilities managers face important decisions every day. Not only do they have to maintain equipment, prioritize improvements to their building and manage their budget, they are also responsible for ensuring the facility supports every resident – ​​a task that has become significantly more difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – A pass grade
Do you know how your facility’s mechanical systems are performing? With the ongoing threat of COVID-19 in the workplace, a survey found that 89% of respondents believe their air is cleaner at home than at work, and more people were concerned about the cleanliness of air than surfaces such as elevators and bathrooms1. For workers faced with the difficult decision to return to work in enclosed indoor spaces, reassurance that indoor air quality has improved is crucial.

HVAC systems produce fresh, filtered air for the building’s occupants. But if you have an outdated system or neglect annual maintenance, your equipment may not work as effectively as it should. If this is the case, malfunctioning HVAC equipment can allow the spread of mold, spores and harmful chemicals, leading to reduced productivity and increased sales2.

In many cases, HVAC filtration can reduce the risk of indoor transmission. That is, the systems are in good condition, high-efficiency filters are used and the air exchange settings are increased3. With a higher number of air changes per hour (a measure of how many times air per hour enters a room from the HVAC), contaminants can be removed more quickly4.

A breath of fresh air

Enercare partners with Pura Air to provide facilities with state-of-the-art air purification technology. Air purifiers provide clean, safe air for offices, warehouses and other public places by tackling low-quality air at the source and trapping viral particles.

Pura Air’s scientific approach to air purification returns 99.99% clean air to your space5. With this technology, UV-C chambers destroy germ DNA and bacteria, while carbon filters fight volatile organic compounds. With the antimicrobial pre-filter and HEPA filter, warehouses are freed from suspended particles, including mold and bacteria.

Enercare’s Validation, Inspection and Equipment Walk (VIEW) program makes it easy to understand your facility’s mechanical systems. This technician-based survey is designed to assess the condition of your HVAC and hydronic equipment. An Enercare engineer will examine and evaluate the operating condition of your HVAC and hydroponic equipment, detailing each unit on site. Based on the research, an easy-to-use report with technician-reviewed recommendations is produced, which includes a summary of equipment status, repairs needed, and an estimate for equipment upgrades.

Don’t put critical projects on hold
With the Enercare advantageTM program, facility managers can benefit from end-to-end service, from procurement to installation to service and repair. For $0 in advance6, you can get new advanced technology. Benefits of the program include annual maintenance to keep your equipment safe and efficient; regular and emergency service performed by fully licensed and insured technicians; and priority service through a 24/7/265 call center.

Not sure how to get started? Visit or call 1-855-321-1508 for more information.

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