Mannington Commercial launches carbon offset products

carbon offsetCalhoun, Ga.—Mannington Commercial will launch new and refreshed products in 2022 across its carpet, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), rubber and resilient sheet lines that will be 105% carbon offset. Customers will now have the assurance of knowing the products they specify will be carbon negative or carbon neutral at the least, according to the company. From raw material extraction through manufacturing (known as “cradle-to-gate”), the products will not contribute to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a key driver of greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, more than a dozen new and refreshed products are being carbon offset, according to the company. With many more products slated for introduction later in the year, Mannington Commercial said it estimates its total carbon offsets for 2022 will be the equivalent to removing more than 10,000 gas cars from the road for a year. New 2022 rug products are not currently included.

According to the company, the initiative is a critical step to the company’s goal of accelerating decarbonization from its operations and supply chain. It also addresses the most urgent environmental needs facing the floor covering industry: clean energy, waste diversity and greenhouse gas emissions.

“As a family-owned company driven by American manufacturing, we’ve long cared about the people and communities we touch and making sure we try to do the right thing,” said Shane Totten, commercial director of sustainability, Mannington Commercial. “This initiative is at the heart of that philosophy. It’s also a stepping stone to the larger and longer-term environmental, social and health goals we’re setting. This is one piece of the holistic business approach we’re taking to increase our overall social and sustainable stewardship.”

Starting immediately, and for full transparency, all product specifications will indicate the 105% volume of carbon dioxide equivalent that is being offset per yard, according to the company. Mannington Commercial said it already provides an industry-leading level of product transparency. This includes ensuring its products have environmentally preferable certifications, such as mindful materials, declare labels, environmental product declarations and health product declarations.

Additionally, all Mannington Commercial products may contribute to LEED and Green Globe credits. And, with all of the company’s carpet, resilient sheet, rubber and more than 90% of its LVT products made in the US, Mannington Commercial products have a lower environmental footprint when specified for American commercial building projects compared to products manufactured or transported internationally, according to the company.

Mannington Commercial said its carbon offset purchases are being invested in a variety of projects that have been independently verified for reducing or eliminating carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Aligned with the company’s priorities and relevant to the industry, the carbon offsets are supporting projects in clean energy generation, waste diversion and greenhouse gas capturing/sequestration, according to the company.

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