Marketing: From customers to brand ambassadors

One of the most obvious ways to get customers to market for you and your business is to solicit online reviews. Whether it be via social platforms or a review platform like Yelp, a customer’s brief account of their experience with your business can give it the boost it needs to reach new clientele while increasing credibility.

“Whether it’s asking them to share their experience with you, write a review or tell their friends…I think that you do have to [ask],” QFloors’ Ogden said. “Some people are just going to naturally do that, but then we all know the statistics: When they’re unhappy, they tell however many people. When they’re happy, they tell fewer people.”

As for when to ask, Broadlume’s Weller said the perfect time for retailers is right after installation. This is when the customer is most excited about their new floors and is less likely to nitpick. “The closer to the time you install the product to a happy customer is the absolute best time,” Weller stated. “The excitement that someone has of walking into a home with brand new floors is going to be the highest likelihood of them leaving a solid review for you, and we’ve tested that out a thousand different ways.”

According to Broadlume, one of the ways comes from a retailer in Chicago who sends an employee out to every completed job to inspect the work and ask the customer to leave a review on the spot. This has resulted in over 10,000 reviews, the most reviews Broadlume has seen for any of its retailers.

Engage with customers on various platforms

While receiving reviews and ratings can be a great start, there’s more to turning a customer into an advocate, according to Carole Cross, founder and CEO of Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketing has helped retailers run successful contests, for example, asking customers to share their latest projects or greatest rooms. “You can engage customers to advocate for your store in a creative way,” she said. “Retailers can ask customers if they can share their project on social media or if they can share it and tag them in it.”

The best thing about social media, according to Cross, is it enables the retailer to form stronger ties with customers. “It allows you to build relationships with existing customers while simultaneously building credibility with potential customers,” she noted.

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