Marlboro Twp. trustees discuss recovery funds

Highlights from the Marlboro Township Trustees Meeting on Aug. 9:


Tax Officer Tracy Ferrett:

• Receive an email that OTARMA members must complete a cyber application by September 15th. Forwarded to network administrator Kyle Devies.

• Received $227,624.05 in American Rescue Plan Act funds on August 5. A separate special income fund is needed, the Local Fiscal Recovery Fund. It must be separate from the fund established to account for the CARES law grant. Ferrett recommended establishing Fund 17 to account for this price, and to approve additional receipts and credits for the funds received. The trustees voted unanimously in favour.

• Recommended approval of additional receipts and credits to the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the $11,000 donation received for portable radios and subsequent purchase of the radios. The trustees voted unanimously in favour.

• Working session was held on August 4 to discuss the 2022 budget. Ferrett recommended a resolution to approve the alternative tax budget for 2022 so that it can be submitted to the Stark County Auditor’s Office. The proposed preliminary budget for 2022 includes total estimated revenues of $2,330,909.05 and total estimated expenses of $2,136,758.05. Figures include the second round of American Rescue Plan Act funds in the same amount due next year. The trustees unanimously approved.

Brand Captain Dave Ferrebee:

Ferrebee, of Marlboro Township Volunteer Fire Co., Inc., reported that the department had 43 responses in July. Includes nine lossless fire reactions and 34 EMS calls with one motor vehicle accident.

POLICE – Chief Ron Devies was not present and had nothing to report.

Road foreman Rick Bergert:

• Trimmed some trees on Byers Avenue prior to asphalting the road. The three miles of pavement has been completed, including the north end of Byers and the township end of Reeder Avenue.

• Reported second cut due to be completed.

• The catch basin on Lynnparkstraat has been completed.

• Trustee John Battershell asked about the Nimishillen Church Street repair project and Bergert said the department was waiting for the mowing to be completed. He received some blacktop chunks (torn car paths from Sable Creek Golf Course) that might be put in before riprap was added.

• Trustee Ken Eddleman spoke to Kyle Devies, who will finish work on the road department’s phone lines Friday morning, but said he needs electricity.

ZONING – Area Inspector Ed Stanley was not present and had nothing to report.


Trustee Wayne Schillig:

• Received a roof proposal from Redesign Roofing, Inc. stating that the price will increase by approximately $600 due to material price increases if approval is not given before the deadline.

• Received a call and email from Jay Sell of Aspen Energy Corp. with a request to complete a no-obligation form to provide the price for the Electric Aggregation Program.


• Received a letter from the Stark County Regional Planning Commission that they were planning a workshop for a Community Development Block Grant. Administrators determined that no projects were eligible for these funds this year.

• Received a letter from the Stark County Health Department that a prescription drug overdose prevention grant has been received from the Ohio Department of Health and the letter included an invitation to join the overdose death assessment team.

• At the end of August, the crew would start demolishing the old police ramp at the back of the town hall and installing a level sidewalk and stairs. Bergert was asked about the date of the chip-and-seal program and replied that it would be the second week of September.

• Schillig asked if managers were interested in getting prices for the electrical aggregation, and Ferrett was asked to check when the current contract expires.

• Eddleman continues to look at electronic signs. He also asked about the copier in the reserve office and Mrs. Marx said she uses it.

• Battershell asked about the roof proposal and Eddleman offered to call Stark County auditor Alan Harold for advice on CARES Act funds. Trustees unanimously approved a proposal to contract with Redesign Roofing, Inc., for $19,775.00. Schillig said he believes the work could be done in September.

Seizure – Had nothing to report.

Other cases – Trustees unanimously agreed to pay bills for $39,377.61.

Highlights from the Aug. 23 meeting of Marlboro Township Administrators:


Tax Officer Tracy Ferrett:

Reported that she had notified the IRS that because the municipality does not pay Social Security, she is not liable for additional taxes on Form 941 for the fourth quarter of 2018. She said she had received notice that the IRS has corrections at their end in July/August 2020 but that the 2020 deposit requirements are based on the original, uncorrected, returns. While the municipality’s fourth quarter 2018 Form 941 was correct and the error was on the IRS’s side, the municipality was required to make semi-weekly federal tax payments instead of monthly. Now the IRS is trying to charge penalties and interest for failing to make semi-weekly deposits before and after the correction in 2020. She said she spent many hours documenting the council’s case and corresponding with the council. IRS. She was notified that day that she was waiving penalties for the quarter ended June 30, 2020, but not for the quarter ended September 30, 2020. She has continued to make semi-weekly deposits until this is resolved, but asked if the Stark County Prosecutor could help with this problem. Trustees advised contacting the Stark County Auditor’s Office of OTARMA.

FIRE – No one was present from the Marlboro Township Volunteer Fire Co., Inc. and there was no notification.

POLICE – Chief Devies was not present and there was no report.

AWAY – Road inspector Rick Bergert was not present and there was no report.

ZONING – Land use inspector Ed Stanley reported 11 new homes this year, compared to nine last year.

Trust Reports:


• Jim Harnack plans to present an employee-paid employee benefits plan, similar to AFLAC, at a future meeting. Eddleman said after Labor Day.

• The roofing project with Redesign Roofing, Inc. scheduled for mid-September.


• Shared that Battershell is doing well and wished him a speedy recovery.

• He still checks for electronic boards. He expands his search.

• He contacted the plumber about the contactless faucets, etc., and hopes to install these next month before the Cares Act fund deadline.

Seizure – Was not present and left no record.

Other cases:

• Trustees unanimously agreed to hire Don DeFluiter as a part-time/seasonal truck driver/laborer for the Road Department, effective Aug. 23 at $11.30 per hour.

• Trustees voted unanimously to pay bills for $58,439.96.

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