Maryland Energy Administration backs 16 solar projects in state parks

the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) awarded a total of $960,578 for the 2022 Public Facility Solar Grant Program, resulting in 16 solar projects across the state. Funding for these projects supports the installation of solar arrays on existing infrastructure, such as parking lots or rooftops for public facilities.

“Solar arrays on public institutions like our state parks and public buildings demonstrate our support for the development of clean and renewable energy,” said Mary Beth Tung, director of MEA. “This will provide considerable cost savings over the life of the systems and help the state meet its ambitious climate and renewable energy goals.”

Recent program recipients have been local governments with this year highlighting an ongoing effort between MEA and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to improve the sustainability of Maryland State Parks by deploying solar across more than 15 sites located in five parks, including Assateague State Park, Sandy Point State Park, Deep Creek Lake State Park, Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area and Merkle Wildlife Management Area.

This program is associated with MEA’s Solar Technical Assistance Program to help state and local governments increase the amount of solar energy generating equipment on public infrastructure.

MEA provided the Maryland State Parks team access to this program to determine the proper locations for solar in their portfolio of facilities. MEA partners with the Maryland Environmental Service to provide these assessments, at no cost to the participating public entity, as a tool to help identify the most viable roofs, parking lots and other already developed spaces for placing solar photovoltaic systems.

The installation process may occur through the direct purchase and installation of solar modules by the public entity, or through a power purchase agreement with a third party for the installation of a solar array on a public facility and incorporated into the facility’s existing infrastructure.

News item from The Maryland Energy Administration

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