Maryland offering $400,000 to help state and local agencies deploy solar power

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has announced the opening of the Solar Technical Assistance Program. This program provides technical assistance to state and local government agencies to evaluate the potential for and site solar arrays on or around government buildings. Funded through the Strategic Energy Investment Fund, the program also offers access to technical resources and vetted contractors.

“MEA is delighted to offer this program to help identify sites for solar, leveraging already developed spaces such as rooftops and parking lots,” said Dr. Mary Beth Tung, director of the Maryland Energy Administration. “Adding solar to these locations helps the state and local government achieve clean energy and greenhouse gas goals while enhancing energy independence and resiliency.”

The program provides technical assistance for entities who are interested in including onsite solar generation, but do not have the expertise to evaluate potential issues for sitting them​. This information is needed to allow government entities to make decisions concerning the location, use (to include resiliency options) and budgeting of solar energy projects.

MEA is providing $400,000 of technical assistance in partnership with the Maryland Environmental Service. To learn more about application requirements, visit the program webpage. For those interested in applying for the program or finding out more information on solar sitting, please contact program manager David Comis at d or by 410-537-4064.

News item from MEA

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