Mississippi raises solar net-metering cap and creates new rebate program

On July 12, the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) voted to adopt its updated Net Metering and Interconnection Rules. The new rules expand the state’s net-metering program by raising the participation cap for rooftop solar from 3 to 4% of a utility company’s peak demand and prioritizing solar adoption for low-to-moderate income (LMI) customers, among other steps.

according to Mississippi Todaythe commission added a $3,500 state rebate for home and small business owners purchasing solar, with higher payments to households earning up to 250% of the federal poverty level.

“The Mississippi Public Service Commission took a positive step with the adoption of these new net metering rules, and despite no change in the credit rate for rooftop solar customers, the Commission used an innovative approach and several of SEIA’s suggestions to expand the cost-saving benefits of solar to more Mississippians,” said Will Giese, Southeast regional director for SEIA, in a statement. “LMI customers will receive additional compensation for their solar generation, and the rules now cover households that are up to 250% above the federal poverty line. This new rule will apply to almost half a million homes and over 1.2 million people in Mississippi. Other states should take note of Mississippi’s approach to ensuring solar is accessible for LMI customers.”

News item from SEIA

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