Mobile Marketing, Roomvo update visualizer

visualizerPottstown, Pa.—Mobile Marketing and Roomvo have taken their partnership to the next level with an upgrade to the room visualizer, which will now include walls and countertops.

“When homeowners redesign or remodel a room, they are doing a lot more than just the floors,” said Carole Cross, founder and CEO, Mobile Marketing. “Now they’re able to visualize and see their floors along with countertops and walls. It provides them a better idea of ​​what their room will look like.”

The sales team at Ambassador Mid-West Floor has started using the visualizer’s increased capabilities to show homeowners options for new backsplashes in addition to floors. “We are excited about the addition of walls,” said Laura Taylor, showroom manager, Ambassador. “On the builder side of our business, it is common to install backsplashes at the same time as flooring. Now we can help customers visualize more than the standard 3 x 6 tiles. We can help them see the full potential of their space. We plan to use the visualizer to help close deals and increase sales.”

The visualizer provides retailers detailed analytics on Mobile Market’s insight portal that assists them in making data-driven business decisions, including inventory management and promotion planning, according to the company. Retailers can also see specific information about what people are viewing on the visualizer, including what products their potential customers are viewing most often, which rooms of the home customers are looking at and if they’re using their own photos or stock photos. This functionality, the company said, allows retailers to provide a comprehensive shop-at-home experience to their customers.

“We’re on a constant mission to make the shopping experience better for homeowners and to help retailers grow their businesses,” said Pawel Rajszel, founder and CEO, Roomvo. “By arming retailers with key insights relevant to their customers’ shopping behaviors, RSAs are better positioned to have value-based sales conversations that lead to faster consumer-purchasing decisions and higher margins.”

Collectively, Mobile Marketing and Roomvo said they power the website and visualizer for the largest flooring retailers in North America, and these enhanced services are exclusively available for products from 100+ brands currently on the joint platform.

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