Modernize upgrades its messaging platform

modernizeFoster City, Calif.—Modernize Home Services upgraded capabilities in Connect, the automated messaging platform that helps contractors grow their business by making it easier to follow up and engage with homeowners.

According to the company, providing timely responses is crucial for contractors to win homeowners’ business but, since many consumers shop for solutions on evenings and weekends, contractors lose opportunities when their staff isn’t available to respond.

Modernize said it made these improvements to help contractors better manage the 20% of homeowners’ inquiries that arrive outside of regular business hours. With the new version of Connect, contractors can immediately respond to homeowners in their preferred medium to assure them they’ll be helped when business opens, according to the company.

“Speed ​​to engagement with the homeowner is a critical component of the sales process,” said Jeff Barnes, senior vice president, Modernize Home Services. “With the updated version of Connect, home services professionals will be able to respond and show immediate interest in project inquiries arriving outside of business hours. We’re dedicated to helping professionals win more in today’s fast-paced world, where business flows to the most responsive contractor.”

Respond to after-hours leads

Modernize said the upgraded version of Connect helps professionals avoid losing out on leads by immediately communicating with homeowners regardless of whether their business is open. The product does this by sending automated messages that let homeowners know the contractor will be addressing their request as soon as the office re-opens. As a result, homeowners have a better experience and the contractor can set more sales appointments, according to the company.

Increase visibility and control of homeowner conversations

The new Connect release also improves lead handling by making it easier and more convenient to see and control individual homeowner interactions, according to the company. This helps reduce the frustrations of missing important conversations in overcrowded inboxes. The new release provides search and filtering for conversations by name, flags homeowner engagement across email/text messaging and highlights homeowner contact information to enable immediate response by phone, text or email.

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