Mohawk 2022 Roadshow: Putting marketing solutions front and center

Mohawk 2022 Roadshow
The Mohawk 2022 Roadshow will feature an improved showroom layout with a front-and-center Customer Success Area, including Omnify (shown here in the 2021 space).

By Reginald Tucker – Excitement builds for the Mohawk 2022 Roadshow – the continuation of the series of in-person regional events the company began in early 2021 in response to increased retailer demand for live industry conferences.

A key area of ​​focus for retailers planning to attend one of the four Roadshows starting next year, Mohawk says, is the continued development and promotion of innovative digital marketing tools designed to help Mohawk dealers deliver consumers earlier. in the research stage, generate bona fide leads and eventually close more sales.

“What we’ve learned over the past year is that retailers really don’t have the luxury of taking a lot of time off their businesses,” said Angela Duke, senior director of residential marketing at Mohawk. “One of the main goals of the Roadshow 2022 is to provide retailers with a platform where they can learn as much as possible in a short time and give them the tools they need to make their business more successful.”

At the heart of that strategy are recent improvements to innovative digital marketing tools like Mohawk’s Omnify and Neighborhood Ad Manager — improvements derived in part from recommendations from Mohawk’s Edge Advisory Council members. The goal is to further simplify the consumer buying journey by creating a seamless shopping experience for the end customer.

“We were able to get specific feedback from our councilors based on surveys, conversations and beta testing with our retail partners,” explains Duke. “They had immediate feedback on some of the improvements we’ve made to Omnify and Neighborhood Ad Manager. We’ve also gained a better understanding of how consumers shop for floors, and that’s built into the new improvements.”

For example, Mohawk retailers said consumers in the flooring market today increasingly crave a purchasing process that is much more streamlined and simple. This is especially important in the era of COVID-19, where more consumers spend more time researching/shopping online. “It’s not just doing research online; they want to go through the entire shopping experience online,” explains Duke. “The tools we build into our digital programs are designed to help our retailers reach those consumers and bring them to their stores.”

These new tools range from highly functional ecommerce modules the company is currently testing to improvements in product visualization within Omnify. Initiatives to speed up sample delivery are also on the agenda. “Consumers expect more from their online shopping experience, so we want to provide retailers with all the tools they need to engage those customers,” explains Duke.

Center of attention

In developing the Roadshow 2022 showroom configuration that will welcome visitors, Mohawk has made a conscious effort to bring the Customer Success Area — the space where dealers learn about Edge benefits, digital programs and other initiatives that help their business succeed — downtown. of the floor layout. The main idea behind the layout, the company said, was to not let attendees know so subliminally that their success is central.

“Having the Customer Success Area in the center of the showroom will help dealers understand that they are truly at the heart of everything we do,” explains Duke. “Whether it’s brand experience, product launches, display launches and programs – what we do is based on thinking of them first.”

That symbolism underscores the critical role the shows play in helping retailers get off to a strong start. “The Roadshows are truly our first point of contact to introduce retailers to new programs and products, and help them jump-start their businesses in 2022,” said Duke. “The 2021 Roadshow was well received and the dealers we spoke to are very excited to be back on the road next year.”

Mohawk’s 2022 Momentum Roadshow will make the following stops next year:

  • Philadelphia: January 5-6, Marriott Philadelphia Downtown
  • Chicago: January 12-13, Sheraton Grand Hotel
  • Huntington Beach, California: January 24-25, Waterfront Beach Resort
  • Las Vegas: February 1-3, Surfaces-Mandalay Bay Convention Center

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