Mohawk completes fcB2B 3.0 certification 

fcB2BDalton—Mohawk Industries has completed the certification process of The Floor Covering Business to Business (fcB2B) version 3.0 EDI Standards, according to Lewis Davis, senior director of technology and research, World Floor Covering Association (WFCA).

Working with certified software vendor RFMS, Mohawk has tested multiple scenarios, including product catalogs, purchase orders and purchase order confirmations, shipping notices (ASN), and invoices confirming that Mohawk meets version 3.0 standards and that the software vendors process these documents correctly, according to Davis.

“I am pleased that Mohawk Industries, one of the largest manufacturers, recognizes the value of certification and is helping the industry ensure that the retailer receives consistent information that meets the standard.” said Davis. “Using RFMS, this certification process enabled Mohawk to validate both the sending and receiving of version 3.0 documents using real-world scenarios. As we continue to shape the industry’s highest software standards, this announcement will instill a level of confidence in the retailers using certified software as they begin to transact fcB2B with their certified suppliers. We hope to get more announcements as other companies follow in their footsteps and apply for certification.”

Stacy Chambers, Application Manager EDI, Mohawk Industries, added: “Mohawk is very pleased to have completed the certification process with fcB2B and RFMS. Mohawk believes the move from V2 to V3 will simplify data in the 832 and 855 and help customers better understand their data. Mohawk is committed to helping our customers and providing a better overall customer experience.”

For a list of certified suppliers, visit certified suppliers and search for “Certified” under the fcB2B Document Support. If you see ‘Supported’ it means they are not certified suppliers, so ask them why. For more information about fcB2B, visit:

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