Mum mortified after sending plumber saucy auto-corrected text

Predictive text can save us all a lot of time, but we’ve all experienced the moment when things go wrong that leave us with a lot of explaining to do.

A mom accidentally sent her plumber a VERY snappy message and she was humiliated when she realized her mistake.

Fortunately, plumber George Cox was left ‘crying with laughter’ after mother Wendy Loftus-Martin embarrassed him by asking whether or not she could ‘w**k’ in the dining room while he was at work – in a comic predictive text error, reports De Spiegel.

Mr. Cox was left in the dark after she asked if it would be better for him if she “sit in the office or the dining room” – to which he boldly replied that “it was up to her where she does that.”


The father-of-three reported that his 58-year-old client “laughed her head off” the next day and requested “no comments please,” but admits he and his fellow colleague made a cheeky reference to “occasionally.”

Now Wendy has vowed to check all her posts from now on to make sure she doesn’t end up in them again.

George, from Alveston, Warwickshire, said: “I read the message and I cried with laughter. My wife Victoria said ‘what’s so funny?’ I read it to her and she wet herself.

“I text all my clients to let them know we’re coming, what time and what not and it just so happened they texted saying ‘well I work from home so where do you want me to go are at work?’

“I saw it pop up on my phone and thought I’d answer her like this and then I immediately got a text back saying ‘Oh my gosh Gaz pisses herself with laughter and I thought what is her husband laughing at?

“She laughed her head off, bless her. She had to laugh. The particular word was casually mentioned a few times in conversation as a laugh.

“It was just really funny. Every now and then a mean comment is made in jest with me and my buddy who now works with me has to laugh a bit.”

Wendy said: “It was a Sunday night and I was working from home on Monday and George came to install my new central heating and I didn’t know where to set up my office.

“I sent him the text and just when I sent him I saw the word instead of working and I couldn’t help it, it was gone.

“Why did my phone pick up that word? Why would it do that? I just don’t get it at all.

“I just said to my husband ‘oh my god I can’t believe what I just did’ I read it to him and he just cried. My son was in his bedroom and he laughed hysterically. Everyone just thought it was an absolute hoot.

“I’m 58, I’m not technical at all. It just happened and I was absolutely mortified to be honest, I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life.

“I met him on the ride and just said ‘no comment please’. We giggled a bit.”

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