! Murcia Today – Ancient Roof Terrace On Apartment Block In Alicante City Centre Gets New Lease Of Life

Publication date: 13/09/2021

Leak Proof, Spain’s leading waterproofing company, used the latest technology to refurbish its Franco-era building in Alicante

Old roof terrace on an apartment building in the center of Alicante gets new lifeThe waterproofing experts at Waterproof were re-enabled this summer to prevent water from entering the top floor apartment of a block of flats in central Alicante. The roof of the building, which was built in 1955, had been in dire need of repair for many years and many of the previous owners had failed to refurbish it over the years.

Prior to Leak Proof’s intervention, the former property owners had tried several solutions, including the typical caucho red paint, fiber caucho rubber and, more recently, a solution called Aqua Stop. However, none of these attempts at improvement had any success because the rainwater still made its way through these materials.

Old roof terrace on an apartment building in the center of Alicante gets new lifeThe solution proposed by Leak Proof, a roof repair company based in the Alicante province and the Murcia region for over 10 years, was a polyurethane system applied by their team of roofers. This advanced system cannot be implemented until the room has been thoroughly cleaned and then the primer has been applied, followed by two coats of polyurethane. Finally, the Leak Proof installation team added a top coat of resin to finish.
Old roof terrace on an apartment building in the center of Alicante gets new lifeIt’s a critical process, as flat roofs in Spain are constantly bombarded by the elements, creating costly leaks. The Leak Proof systems provide long-lasting protection against water, heat and frost damage with a guaranteed leak-free surface. Homeowners in the regions of Murcia and Alicante can now contact Leak Proof for a free estimate of roof repair and waterproofing work.


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Leak-free, for all your roofing work on the Costa Cálida and the Costa Blanca

Leak-free, for all your roofing workLeak Proof is a British father and son company that has been based on the southern Costa Blanca for over ten years, providing services for all roofing needs not only in the province of Alicante but also throughout the Costa Cálida and the Murcia region.

All types of properties and roofs are covered, whether they are old or new and whether the work is on a complete roof or just in a specific area. Flat roofs are typical concerns about leakage, for example in extensions and garages, and the specialist knowledge and techniques that Leak Proof uses can also be applied to fiberglass roofing, conservatories, covered passageways and even classic old “finca” style buildings with tiling problems.

Leak-free, for all your roofing workA 30-year warranty is provided with fiberglass roofing (also called GRP Roofing) and membrane roofing, a system for both buildings and tanks. The purpose of membrane roofs is to drain water from the roof and the membranes used are usually made of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic and modified bitumen.

Leak Proof guarantees that all membranes used are UV resistant and provide insulation against both hot and cold weather conditions, making them ideal for flat roofs and the floors of solariums, roof terraces and balconies.

In addition, they use a range of specialist waterproof paints for all interior and exterior work and offer tiling and grouting services.

Insurance work and community projects for residential developments and urbanizations are carried out and full invoices are provided.

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