National Grid Renewables buys 2 GW of First Solar modules for future projects

US developer National Grid Renewables has entered a purchase agreement with First Solar for 2 GW of thin-film modules to be delivered in 2024 and 2025.

Over the past decade, National Grid Renewables and First Solar have partnered on multiple projects, including the recently operational 200-MW Prairie Wolf Solar Project in Illinois and the currently under construction Noble Solar (275 MW) and Storage (125 MWh) Project in Texas . As a farmer-friendly and community-focused company, National Grid Renewables develops projects for corporations and utilities that seek to repower America’s electricity grid by reigniting local economies and reinvesting in a sustainable future. A Minneapolis-headquartered business, National Grid Renewables is part of the Ventures division of National Grid and has a portfolio of solar, wind, and energy storage projects located throughout the United States in various stages of development, construction and operation.

“National Grid Renewables and First Solar share more than just deep roots in the US Midwest and a longstanding strategic partnership. We share a common view on the need to create a sustainable energy future,” said Nathan Franzen, Vice President, Development for National Grid Renewables. “We’re pleased to be working with First Solar as we continue on our mission to deploy clean, economically beneficial and community-focused solar energy projects, powered by responsibly produced American solar technology.”

First Solar’s CdTe thin-film panels are designed and manufactured in the United States.

“As America’s solar company, we’re proud of the fact that National Grid Renewables has, once again, selected our technology to power its mission to repower rural American communities,” said Georges Antoun, chief commercial officer, First Solar. “Experienced project developers and owner-operators like National Grid Renewables understand the criticality of both, insulating themselves from pricing and supply volatility, and staying true to their values ​​and principles. Both factors are invaluable in helping them successfully navigate some of the industry’s headwinds.”

In addition to its Ohio manufacturing facilities, First Solar operates factories in Vietnam and Malaysia, and is building a new 3.3-GW factory in India that is expected to be commissioned in the second half of 2023. With First Solar’s expansion in the United States and India and optimization of its existing fleet, the company anticipates that its nameplate manufacturing capacity will double to 16 GW in 2024.

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