New website aims to consolidate all solar recycling options

Volunteers from the solar industry have a informative website to display the different locations that accept recycled solar components. aims to collect valuable information about where to donate or sell used equipment, how to recycle solar equipment, and state and federal policies regarding solar recycling and waste classification. The site includes an interactive map highlighting recycling service providers known in each state. Although this is a young sector of the industry, the number of providers is growing and aims to consolidate this information to make it as easy as possible for all contractors to handle materials responsibly.

“How many solar companies have piles of used and broken equipment in their warehouse? This website can help you find options for selling, donating, or recycling those items and freeing up space — and your conscience,” said Kate Collardson, a volunteer at the landfills and ensure that solar equipment is used as much as possible.Our website gives solar contractors a quick and easy way to find the information they need to implement responsible solutions.”

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