Oregon-Davis School Board to Explore Other Options for HVAC Project – WKVI Information Center

Oregon-Davis School Board: Ben Lady, Chris Lawrence, Brandie Ecker, Lee Nagai, Kyle Hinds, and Superintendent Bill Bennett

The Oregon-Davis School Corporation may be starting its HVAC project again. Superintendent Bill Bennett says the school board decided to discontinue services to EMCOR last week, a year and a half after it hired the company as a provider of guaranteed savings.

“We couldn’t really agree with them on the scope and order of what we would have done, so we’re going to go down a different path to try and maybe do it a little more economically,” explains Benett.

A major concern has to do with the high school unit ventilators. According to EMCOR’s proposal, the school would only be able to afford nine classrooms. “That’s one of the reasons we’re going to look for another provider so we can hopefully get more rooms, if not all of them. Basically, with EMCOR we were looking at replacing pretty much everything and putting in new ones. We’re going to see if there’s someone who might be able to fix some of the stuff we have, but still be able to cover both buildings and complete the whole project.”

With a guaranteed savings contract, a state-approved supplier guarantees that the work will pay for itself over a certain period of time, by reducing energy or maintenance costs. Now Bennett says the school company will retranslate the project, both as a guaranteed savings contract and a traditional bidding process, to open it up to other engineering firms and construction contractors.

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