Outdated décor or bad plumbing could mean it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel

“Real estate websites have been advising for years that renovating your bathroom before you put your home on the market will give you a great return on investment,” he said. Brent Harpole, co-owner of Champion Plumbing. “But there are other times when you should consider upgrading your bathroom.”

The following situations may call for a remodel:

  1. The furnishings are outdated or not functional. If a bathroom still has mustard-yellow walls or faucet handles that saw their better days in the 1970s, it may need a coat of paint or new fixtures. Consulting a DIY magazine or television program on the latest home furnishings trends will help homeowners choose a more modern design.
  2. There is obvious damage. Leaks, damage from leaking or rusty pipes, cracked tiles or broken fixtures are signs that the plumbing needs an upgrade. Some cosmetic damage can be easily repaired by the homeowner, but those who aren’t sure how to fix leaks or replace pipes should call a professional plumber to make the upgrades.
  3. Outdated layout. Many older homes were designed homes were designed or built when a bathroom was an afterthought. Cramped spaces and lack of storage space are both reasons many homeowners consider restructuring the room layout.
  4. An aging parent lives in the house. Many families now care for elderly parents or other loved ones and need to remodel their living quarters to meet the special needs of older residents. The bathroom is no exception. Adding a walk-in tub/shower, lighting sensors and making the bathroom wheelchair accessible – complete with wider doors and lower cabinets – are all updates to consider when caring for an elderly relative.
  5. The bathroom should be environmentally friendly or more economical. Leaking pipes not only cause further damage, they also drive up water costs. Whether the goal is to be more economical or environmentally friendly, remodeling with water-reducing faucet heads and toilets, energy-efficient lighting or exhaust fans, or sustainable floors and cabinets can help residents save money and protect Mother Earth.

Harpole said bathroom renovations provide the greatest ROI for increasing a home’s resale value. Zillow, one of the nation’s leading online real estate information websites, estimates that the average homeowner has a $1.71 increase in home value for each $1 spent on small changes in the bathroom.

“A newly renovated bathroom can improve your quality of life and increase the value of your home,” he said. “Sometimes after a long day or a long walk, there’s nothing better than taking a warm shower or bath. A comfortable bathroom that meets all your needs and doesn’t cost a lot of money makes it easier to relax.”

For more information on Champion Plumbing’s bathroom renovation options, call (405) 889-1318 or visit https://www.callthechamps.com.

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