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Control Techs NW in Clackamas earns spot as one of three finalists for Better Business Bureau Torch Award

This is the second of three stories about the Clackamas County-based finalists for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Small Businesses.

COURTESY PHOTO: CONTROL TECHS NW - Control Techs NW owner Daniel Reyes poses next to a company van.Control Techs NW, a heating, ventilation and air conditioning services company based in unincorporated Clackamas County, was one of three Clackamas County-based organizations selected as finalists for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Oregon’s Small Business of the Year.

Founded in 2018, Control Techs NW is a small, minority owned company serving the HVAC needs of customers in Clackamas and Multnomah counties.

“We work with residential, commercial and industrial HVAC,” says Office Manager Cate Nelson. “We work with repair, replacement, ongoing maintenance, virtually anything related to heating and air conditioning a home or business.”

Nelson said Control Techs NW serves several rural communities that it says are not covered by much larger HVAC service providers, usually due to a small customer base or limited income among community residents.

“They just don’t see it as an overall worthwhile market and so we really try to make sure we have a positive impact in those communities — like all the communities we work in, but especially those,” Nelson said.

Nelson, who has been with the company for just over a year and a half, said it is a priority for Control Techs NW staff to raise awareness about common HVAC issues that could potentially harm homes and businesses, adding that it company saw many homeowners become more aware of air quality in their homes while in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If you’re home all the time, and especially if you’re someone who is allergic, or maybe you have a chronic medical condition like cancer or an autoimmune disease, it’s critical to make sure the air quality in your home is critical.” Nelson said.

“We’ve seen positive growth in that market, which is beneficial for everyone to make sure the air we breathe is clean, especially if there’s a nasty bug going around,” Nelson added.

Air quality is an increasing concern throughout the Pacific Northwest as the intensity of annual wildfires has increased in the region in recent years.

Nelson said that during the unprecedented 2020 wildfire season, Control Techs NW staff had to evacuate their office for a period of time, along with thousands of other Clackamas County residents. Also at that time, company telephones were off the hook with callers concerned about the safety and breathability of their air in their homes.

“I had clients call me frantic because their homes were flooded with smoke,” Nelson said, adding that Control Techs NW is working on a prevention campaign to educate homeowners about what to do in the event of another intense wildfire season.

“Make sure your filters are replaced regularly; that takes care of your HVAC system so that if you get smoke and ash through the roof penetrations in your house, it doesn’t get into your systems spreading through your ductwork,” Nelson said.

“Always be sure to have your system serviced annually so that if there are any deficiencies in the pipework, it is taken care of before it becomes a contributing factor,” added Nelson. “Also, many HVAC systems, when not properly maintained, can cause house fires.”

“It’s all about being aware,” Nelson said. “We understand as professionals that a lot of the time for our clients, as long as the system is working, it’s a little out of sight, out of mind, but finding certified and trained professionals you know and trust to come to every year. come out, so that if there’s something wrong with the wiring, if there’s something wrong with the combustion components, it can be caught before it starts firing.”

Nelson, who applied for the BBB award, said she did so out of a strong belief in the company’s morals, values ​​and ethics.

“Our company is a great candidate for the award because we go the extra mile with all of our procedures, from top to bottom, to ensure that our customers receive truly exceptional service,” said Nelson.

“During the course of this pandemic, we have seen how much our economy has changed and so now more than ever, supporting small, local, family-owned and operated businesses is key to maintaining health. our local economy, as well as ensuring that our workforce remains active so we can continue to provide quality services to our customers,” said Nelson.

“I think everyone deserves to receive exceptional service,” Nelson continued. “As small businesses close, it’s being outsourced to larger companies that are notorious for brushing off important things.”

The BBB Torch Awards 2021 will take place on Thursday, October 28 at 1pm, streamed live on BBB’s Youtube Channel.

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