Pittsburgh restoring 100+ jobs for electricians, plumbers, truck drivers – WPXI

PITTSBURGH — When COVID-19 hit, Pittsburgh jobs felt the impact.

“Our staff and employees were doing more work with fewer people,” said Molly Onufer, communications director for Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

The city froze job openings to avoid layoffs, but that situation is changing.

“With the funding we have received to restore jobs in the city from the American rescue plan‘ said Onufer. ‘We are going to hire recreation leaders for our recreation centers. Crossing guards that we desperately need throughout the city. Code inspectors. Some craftsmen, electricians, masons.”

The pay is good, as are the benefits, Onufer said.

“I don’t think only one job is most important, all jobs are important,” she added.

All these vacancies are HERE.

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