Plumber helped catch cannabis farmer after seeing man ‘tending to tall plants’ at house

A cannabis farmer has been jailed after a plumber on routine checks came across plants worth up to £413,000

Police were called by the plumber to a home in North Brink, Wisbech at 11:20 a.m. on June 29, after he visited the home with the rental agent to perform a water heater service.

Officers arrived and arrested Thamh Pham, 24, after he opened the door to greet them.

He was convicted Thursday (Aug 26) by the Cambridge Magistrates’ Court, where he was sentenced to eight months in prison.

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In a statement, police said that, with no fixed address, Pham responded “no comment” to all officers’ questions.

A total of 492 cannabis plants were seized and examined, with a street value of up to £413,280.

A large self-sealing vacuum bag containing the flowering tops of a cannabis plant worth up to £7,100 was also found. Elsewhere in the house, more flowering buds worth up to £110 were found.

Pham was charged with producing a Class B drug and admitted the offense to the Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on July 1.

DC Rhian Jones, who conducted the investigation, said: “As a result of the call from the plumber who visited Wisbech’s home, we were able to confiscate a large amount of Class B drugs and prevent them from being sold on the street.

cannabis plants
More of the plants found near the house

DC Jones added: “A second man was also arrested at the house but was later released, offered emergency shelter and was made safe as he was found to be a victim of human trafficking.

“In addition to drug seizures, this is exactly why we are targeting cannabis factories across the province.

“We can’t be everywhere and we rely on people in our communities to be our eyes and ears. If something doesn’t seem quite right, it most likely isn’t.”

She also encouraged people to watch for signs of illegal cannabis factories in their communities.

cannabis plants
Hundreds of plants found

She said: “We would like to encourage people to look out for signs of illegal cannabis factories in their communities.

“Signs can include darkened windows, people coming and going at different times of the day and noticing a distinctive ‘buzz’ sound from the fans and ventilation if they live nearby.

“In addition, recognizing the signs of modern slavery can help save a person’s life.

“Warning signs include people who seem overly tired, withdraw or avoid eye contact, do not have appropriate equipment or clothing for the work they are doing, cannot come and go as they please, are unpaid or have been paid very little, and unusual hours.”

If you suspect there are drugs in your area, report it here.

For more information on slavery and human trafficking, including how to recognize the signs, visit the special webpage.

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