Portobello debuts new collection at Coverings 2022

new collectionSão Paulo—Portobello, a world leader in the ceramic tile industry, said it will be presenting products, accentuating its focus on the North American marketplace and updating all attendees information regarding construction of its upcoming new state-of-the-art factory in the United States during Coverings 2022.

The company said it will debut its new collection, the 2022 Unlimited Dreams Collection, at its Coverings exhibit. Additionally, Portobello will highlight its highly anticipated large format porcelain 63 x 63 tile, as well as the Terralma line, with its new trend in colors inspired by nature, according to the company.

In addition to its new collection Portobello said it will also be offering information about its new USA-based Factory, which is already under construction in Baxter, Tenn. According to the company, the new manufacturing facility will not only be a major production venue; it will also be the home of Portobello America’s main office. The region, in Putnam County, is considered a national hub regarding the manufacture of ceramic cladding due to the local availability of natural clay and feldspar supplies. The new factory’s overall initiative is expected to generate roughly 220 local jobs and annual revenue exceeding $100 million, according to the company.

“Recognizing growing opportunities in the North American market, Portobello Grupo decided to build its first unit outside Brazil to diversify its business, capitalize on a fast-growing market, generate synergies with Brazilian operations and increase our presence in the United States market,” said César Gomes Junior, president of Portobello Grupo’s administration board. “The ceramics market in the United States is one of the largest of the world and is critical to our international expansion strategy.”

According to Luiz Felipe Brito, CEO, Portobello America, the brand will be presenting a mix of products with the same design and innovation DNA as Portobello and that meets the commercial visions that the American market demands. “We care about where we are located, sustainability in a healthy way and the appeal of design and products of the North American market,” Brito said. “Our presence, in what is the biggest fair in the sector in the USA, is fundamental to our positioning as a brand and international expansion.”

Last year, the company launched the Concierge, a B2B digital platform where you can accurately track orders and deliveries, allowing its distributors in the United States to have every insight into inventories, freight cost, cargo assembly and more. “The Concierge offers customized catalog navigation for product discovery with all the technical information and merchandising for the customer to safely make the purchase decision,” Brito said. “In real time, the customer consults the available product stock and quantity per manufacturing batch. It is an important step for the e-commerce of Portobello America.”

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