RAISE the Roof Act proposes to add necessary roof replacements, integrated solar systems to ITC

House Representatives Mikie Sherill (NJ-11) and Bill Pascrell, Jr. (NJ-09) today introduced the Revamping Appropriate Incentives for Solar Energy for (RAISE) the Roof Act, allowing complete roof installations with integrated solar systems to benefit from the Investment Allowance (ITC). Senator Jon Ossoff (GA) also introduced companion legislation in the Senate Today.

“By clarifying and expanding the ITC with new integrated solar roofing technology, solar energy adoption will become easier and more available to more American families,” said Representative Sherrill.

“Solar roofs are one of the most promising and easily accessible ways to achieve our climate goals. By extending the investment tax credit to include solar roofing technologies, this innovative legislation will help the solar industry grow and better encourage individual Americans to join the fight against climate change,” said Rep. Pascrell.

As the ITC is written today, only traditional solar panels can qualify for the credit. Integrated solar roofs, such as Tesla’s solar shingles, are credited for the solar components, not the entire roof replacement. With the RAISE the Roof Act, the entirety of an integrated solar roof could be covered by the investment deduction, also allowing consumers to incur costs for roof repairs and replacements that are sometimes required for solar installations.

“We see tremendous opportunity in rooftop real estate to drive the acceleration of clean energy,” said Martin DeBono, President of GAF Energy. “This bill positions existing U.S. manufacturing assets and know-how to make a meaningful contribution to a resilient path forward in our energy infrastructure.”

GAF Energy currently produces unobtrusive solar systems that attach directly to roofing materials instead of roof shingles or tiles. The company is also working on a mysterious new “solar roof system” that is likely to further blur the lines between low-profile systems and solar shingles and tiles more associated with Tesla’s solar roof product.

Based on Solar energy worldUnder the understanding of the RAISE the Roof Act, only roofs originally built with solar plans or roofs that require complete replacement to support solar plans are eligible for the ITC. “Solar Integrated Roofs” also include solar shingles, solar tiles and other complete solar roof products.

Learn more about solar shingles and solar roof products on the market here.

“We need millions of new solar installations to decarbonise the economy, and that starts with equal tax treatment for solar built on new construction, fabricated homes and existing homes,” said Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). “This legislation will ensure that homes with solar built into the original design qualify for the same ITC benefits as any other residential solar installation and will extend the cost-saving benefits of solar to all Americans. We support this bill Please.”

Odette Mucha, Vote Solar Federal Liaison, said: “Poor roof conditions prevent approximately 10 to 20% of low-to-middle-income homeowners from accessing rooftop solar. Modernizing the tax credit for solar investment ( ITC) to include the roof repairs needed to incorporate solar, coupled with a monetary grant, would allow more homes to take advantage of the savings, energy independence and resilience benefits that residential solar provides.”

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