REC Silicon signs second supply agreement for U.S. metal-grade silicon

REC Silicon has secured its second metal-grade silicon supply within the United States to ensure its American-made polysilicon starts with domestic origins.

REC Silicon and Mississippi Silicon have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to negotiate a raw material supply agreement. The company also has a supply agreement with Ferroglobe to receive metallurgical grade silicon from its three US locations.

Recent investment by the Hanwha Group into REC Silicon, in conjunction with Hanwha’s solar panel subsidiary Qcells, moves REC to expand its relationship with Mississippi Silicon to support the development of an end-to-end US solar supply chain from raw silicon, to polysilicon, and finally fully assembled modules.

Passage of Senator Jon Ossoff’s Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act within the Inflation Reduction Act makes such plans immediately possible.

As a leading producer of high-purity electronics and solar grade polysilicon with assets in Moses Lake, Washington and Butte, Montana, REC is positioned to help lead the US clean energy transition. The recent Hanwha investment will enable a restart of the currently idle Moses Lake plant in 2023 and make available high volumes of cost competitive and low carbon solar-grade polysilicon.

James A. May II, CEO of REC Silicon, said: “As previously announced, REC is working hard to drive large-scale investments to develop a robust solar supply chain in the US In line with REC’s endeavors, we applaud the efforts and determination that were needed to realize the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. We are hopeful that with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act which includes SEMA, the entire solar supply chain in the US will be fully established and placed in a position to flourish.”

Mississippi Silicon is the first new Silicon Metal facility in North America in forty years. Located in the northeast corner of Mississippi State the plant is strategically placed to take advantage of expanding domestic customer base, stable low-cost electricity and regional supply chain.

Eddie Boardwine, CEO of Mississippi Silicon, noted: “Mississippi Silicon was founded nearly ten years ago to be a domestic source of high-quality silicon metal to the US solar, electronics and chemical industries. We are pleased by the growing recognition of the importance of a strong end-to-end US supply chain for these materials. Passage of the SEMA Act makes bringing that supply chain to reality. We look forward to working with REC Silicon to strengthen our existing relationship and build out that vital supply chain.”

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