Residents with roofs blown away by storm angry that no one is helping them

Johannesburg – Residents of Eldorado Park, whose roofs were blown off in a strong windstorm, damaging their ceilings, have expressed frustration at the authorities’ disregard.

On Saturday, August 14, residents of extensions 2 and 3 of Eldorado Park experienced the force of the August winds.

Since then, the damaged ceilings and blown-off roofs at the Dallas condos under Construction 2 have not been repaired, while Construction 3 was repaired just days after the storm.

The condominiums in Dallas are an apartment building with six condos in each block. About seven people live in each flat.

Belinda Fredricks, one of the residents, said they had to improvise since their roof was blown off by the windstorm.

She said they tied the ceiling to the house with a rope and wire, but because of the recent unpredictable weather, the ceiling rattles as the wind blows and rainwater leaks into the house.

“We are a total of nine people living in this flat. Among the three children is an 11-month-old baby. Since the incident, she has been forced to live elsewhere with her grandmother because the high winds and dust are negatively affecting her chest. We have to constantly mop up water and strategically place buckets when it rains,” said Fredricks.

She expressed her frustration at the officials in the area for not helping them repair their roof.

“I am disappointed in the housing officials. Our counselor, Juwairiya Kaldine, visited us a few days after the storm, but we haven’t heard from her since.

“Many of us in the flats are unemployed and live on old age pensions, we can’t repair the roofs ourselves.

“Maybe if we could afford a bribe, we might not be in this situation two weeks later,” Fredricks said.

Relatives have a constant view of the stars and the moon when they go to bed, she said.

Majiet Amien, a prominent figure in the community, has sought to help affected residents by contacting the Johannesburg City Department of Housing and various media houses to raise awareness about the inhumane conditions these residents face in the cold. weather, rain and windy weather.

Kaldine had not yet commented on the matter.

Housing spokesman Sibonelo Mtshali said they were not aware of the matter but would “investigate”.

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