Rhinox introduces VV press fittings for plumbing – Products

US-based manufacturer of stainless steel pipes and press fittings, Rhinox, has introduced the VV stainless steel press fittings, which can make the plumbing process hassle-free. In addition to saving time and money during project implementation, it can also improve work safety and accuracy.

The triple press fittings consist of a double O-ring with VV-shaped grooves and 5-stage pressing. This special profile offers an extra safety feature with a double edge. If by chance the fitting is not pressed in, the sealing ring with a knob allows the outflow of water droplets and indicates the unpressed location. Rhinox introduced these features to help institutional customers, including hotels, quickly transition from plastic tubing to steel tubing.

The growing awareness of the disadvantages of plastic and PVC pipes is driving many hotel companies to opt for stainless steel plumbing. At the same time, strong connections between pipes are essential to make these assignments a success in a cost- and time-saving manner.

In the past, connecting pipes was completely dependent on brazing, soldering and welding. This resulted in additional costs, time, investment and manpower. Rhinox hopes to solve this problem with the VV stainless steel press fittings.

The advantages of the special profile VV Press Fittings are a high degree of durability, a high degree of hygiene, less maintenance and cost savings. It also promises double tensile strength against tensile force, double seal insurance, minimal damage from water hammer, strong shock resistance especially suitable for seismic events, strong rotational resistance, long insertion depth and weight that is about 80% higher. In addition, once the pressing is done, the design ensures zero damage from cold and hot changes.

Rhinox claimed that these tubes are made of the best quality surgical stainless steel 316 L. The tubes and press fittings have been tested in Europe & America and are known for lead free testing, NSF drinking water testing and high pressure testing.

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