Roll-A-Rack develops solar racking that redirects rainwater

Ohio-based manufacturer Roll-A-Rack has developed a gutter-like solar racking system that captures rain falling on solar panels.

To prevent soil erosion and grow vegetation, certain space must be allowed between panel rows on ground-mount solar projects. For Roll-A-Rack, that distance is 11 in., reducing its project footprint compared to other ground-mount projects. The water harvested by the system can be used for irrigation.

The Roll-A-Rack rain harvesting solution will be presented as a technical poster “Collecting Rainwater Falling on Solar Arrays” at RE+ 2022 from September 17 to 22, 2022, in Anaheim, California.

Roll-A-Rack is seeking developers and solar installers to help commercialize the installation processes. For more information about Roll-A-Rack or to become a beta tester, visit, email [email protected], or download the informational flyer.

Roll-A-Rack’s development research is funded in part by a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the US Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office.

News item from Roll-A-Rack

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